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This portraits are made on the basis of photography and acrylic on a canvas, a collage, digital drawing with digitally enhanced. The finished prints are from 130 to 150 cm on longest side.

My family treat our family archives and family heirlooms carefully. The photographs, the awards, the documents, the porcelain sets, the jewelry, that is what is kept as a souvenir in the boxes and the capboards. The photography is a trip to the past. The photography is a proof of a personís life and its the most realistic image. People dream about immortality. Someone founded it in the art, like the artists and their muses. The photography is the only immortality that is available to everyone. And most of us have other immortality.

DNA. The part of us is stored and continues to live in our descendants. The information about us is woven into the code of life. We will not disappear without a trace, as long as our descendants are alive. The immersion in a familyís history is not only curiosity, is not only a tribute of memory and the respect for those who doesn't exist, but this is the way to know yourself, to set your goals in life. This is the source of the information and our strength. This is the code of life.

150 x 150 cm

130 x 85 cm

135 x 125 cm

100 x 130 cm

140 x 110 cm

150 x 150 cm

150 x130 cm


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