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This serie is an appropriation art and my love for the surrealism and for Rene Magritte. These are my observations on shifting priorities and changing gender roles in our modern society. These new roles find their reflection in the development of generarions which are created under the circumstances.

Decalcomania, 2018

125 x 100 cm

The Months Without The Harvest, 2018

127 x 100 cm

The Personality, 2018

120 x 80 cm

The Masterpiece or The Mysteries of Horizon, 2018

135 x 100 cm

The Pilgrim, 2018

75 x 110 cm

The Daughter of Man, 2018

80 x 120 cm

The Art of Living, 2018

105 x127 cm

The Glass House, 2018

130 x 95 cm


Copyright 2008-2018.
Lyalya Garbouz Photography. Art and documentary photography. All rights reserved.